This Sunday at Zion

Sunday starts the last week of our Spiritual Growth Campaign, “What On Earth Am I Here For?”  The theme for the week and my message is “I’m Called to Be Sent.”  If you have been participating in the campaign at all the last five weeks, this week’s theme makes perfect sense.  Through the campaign we have discovered the depth to which God has blessed us so it only makes sense that God would call us share his good news with others.  My text this Sunday is Act 1 where Jesus tells us we are his witnesses to the world.  A witness shares their reality with others. That’s all God asks us to do – share the reality of our relationship with him to other people.  Will you be a witness?

This Sunday is also the deadline to return the Christmas Shoeboxes to our church.  At the start of the service the children in the service are invited to participate in the dedication of these gifts for other children around the world.  Remember you can choose between the two Christmas Projects, the Shoe Boxes and the H2 HOHOHO water for Syria.

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