Letter June 30th

Happy Thursday Church!

I hope you are having a blessed week!  Yesterday many of you attended the memorial service for Jesse Bradford and even participated in the service by way of sharing your memories of Jesse – thank you.  Jesse was a fixture as the greeter of our church for so long . . . I like how Jo Laxton put it yesterday; “Jesse is likely replacing St. Peter as the greeter at the pearly gates of heaven.”  The family truly appreciated the reception in the social hall after the service and wanted me to pass that on to the church.  Hospitality is creating an atmosphere where people become open to the Spirit of God … our hospitality committee did that yesterday.

Tonight at Zion – Patriotic Song Night

I’m excited about tonight!  We have a great line up of singers sharing some of your favorite patriotic songs.  I hope this service will be an encouragement to you and help all of us remember those things about America that make this an uncommonly blessed nation.  Come, and invite a friend to come with you.  What a great way to start the 4th of July weekend!

Sunday at Zion

The Baptist Denomination only recognizes two ordinances that are part of local church operations: Baptism and Communion.  This Sunday is unique in that we will celebrate both ordinances in the same service.  The service will start with the baptism of Christen Eller and conclude with sharing the Lord’s Table of Communion. I will also bring a short message titled The Unashamed Life from Romans 1.

Mission Report Postponed

The mission report from Spencer Annis planned for this Wednesday had to be rescheduled.  So . . . this Wednesday will be a regular Bible Study night; no dinner and I will be speaking.

VBS starts next Sunday! Lights, Camera, Action . . . Jesus

July 10th-14th / 6:30 pm -8:30 pm Volunteers needed – please contact Angelique for details

I hope you have a great 4th of July Weekend!  Sue and I are just staying close to home and enjoying some of the good weather in the forecast.  Please be careful on the highway this weekend.  With Independence Day on Monday this is a true long weekend and many people will be commuting through the Eastern Shore.  Plan that you will need more time to pull out on the 13 and please be extra aware that many cars around don’t understand the 13 is where we live and not an interstate.  I look forward to seeing you tonight and on Sunday.   I love you and love being your Pastor.

In His Service with You, Pastor Andrew

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