June 9 Letter

Happy Thursday Church!

I hope you are having a blessed day!  Last night concluded the four week men’s and women’s Bible Studies we were doing on Wednesday nights.  I enjoyed the sharing and discussion of spiritual things as they relate to men in our study and Sue has relayed a similar sentiment to me about the time the women spent together.  I am always pleased when studies like this bring some new people into a Bible study, which these did.  The thing I like most about these studies is I learn so much by hearing others share what they are hearing from God.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching / leading but it is always a double blessing when others share like these last four weeks and teach me.

This Sunday at Zion

My message this week is from Luke 14:1-14 / “Good Old Sabbath Hospitality.” The idea of the Sabbath is much more than just taking a day of rest.  In addition to worship, the Sabbath is given by God to afford balance, strengthen relationships and provide the opportunity to heal from the various hurts of life. In this passage, Sabbath is in the context of hospitality – a meal Jesus shares with others.   Christian hospitality fits within the Sabbath because it creates an atmosphere where people become comfortable to allow God to work in their lives, bringing them to spiritual health. However, it is possible to become so concerned about the law of the Sabbath that we miss the spirit behind a Sabbath rest.  This is part five of the “Being Christian” Series.  There are five more messages in this series but we will take a break from the series until the end of July so we can give attention to Father’s Day, the teens report form camp and Independence Day.

Patriotic Song Night – Thursday, June 30th @ 7 pm

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend we sang America the Beautiful.  I don’t know about you but when I heard people singing that song it sent a shiver down my spine because I was reminded of the Christian heritage of our nation and I felt hopeful for the future.  Music has a way to touch the soul in a way that just words cannot do.  People need to feel Patriotism.  That is what this service is for – to help us know and feel what has made this country a uniquely blessed nation.  I hope you will plan to join us for this song night and invite a friend to come.  We are having this on Thursday so we don’t conflict with other churches Wednesday night services.  I will share more details of the service as it comes into place but for now be thinking of who you can invite.

I hope you have a great weekend!  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.  I love you and love being your pastor –

In His Service with You,

Pastor Andrew Matthews

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