Letter June 30th

Happy Thursday Church!

I hope you are having a blessed week!  Yesterday many of you attended the memorial service for Jesse Bradford and even participated in the service by way of sharing your memories of Jesse – thank you.  Jesse was a fixture as the greeter of our church for so long . . . I like how Jo Laxton put it yesterday; “Jesse is likely replacing St. Peter as the greeter at the pearly gates of heaven.”  The family truly appreciated the reception in the social hall after the service and wanted me to pass that on to the church.  Hospitality is creating an atmosphere where people become open to the Spirit of God … our hospitality committee did that yesterday.

Tonight at Zion – Patriotic Song Night

I’m excited about tonight!  We have a great line up of singers sharing some of your favorite patriotic songs.  I hope this service will be an encouragement to you and help all of us remember those things about America that make this an uncommonly blessed nation.  Come, and invite a friend to come with you.  What a great way to start the 4th of July weekend!

Sunday at Zion

The Baptist Denomination only recognizes two ordinances that are part of local church operations: Baptism and Communion.  This Sunday is unique in that we will celebrate both ordinances in the same service.  The service will start with the baptism of Christen Eller and conclude with sharing the Lord’s Table of Communion. I will also bring a short message titled The Unashamed Life from Romans 1.

Mission Report Postponed

The mission report from Spencer Annis planned for this Wednesday had to be rescheduled.  So . . . this Wednesday will be a regular Bible Study night; no dinner and I will be speaking.

VBS starts next Sunday! Lights, Camera, Action . . . Jesus

July 10th-14th / 6:30 pm -8:30 pm Volunteers needed – please contact Angelique for details

I hope you have a great 4th of July Weekend!  Sue and I are just staying close to home and enjoying some of the good weather in the forecast.  Please be careful on the highway this weekend.  With Independence Day on Monday this is a true long weekend and many people will be commuting through the Eastern Shore.  Plan that you will need more time to pull out on the 13 and please be extra aware that many cars around don’t understand the 13 is where we live and not an interstate.  I look forward to seeing you tonight and on Sunday.   I love you and love being your Pastor.

In His Service with You, Pastor Andrew

June 16 Letter

Happy Thursday Church,

I hope you are having a blessed week!  Today is the last day of School for Accomack County Schools which I believe means all schools, public and private are done for the year!  Congratulations to all the students for completing another year of their education and to the parents for supporting your children in their education efforts.  With the change of pace the summer break brings for families I pray that it will not only be a time to catch your breath but to also be a time to strengthen relationships between the different family members.  Enjoy your summer!

This Sunday at Zion

It’s Father’s Day and our service will recognize fathers in our church.  My message this Sunday is titled “Resolving to Be God’s Man” from Joshua 24. The book of Joshua was the book we studied in the Courageous Men’s study we just completed and this chapter provides a great challenge to men to be who God has called us to be.  We will also recognize men that went through the Courageous study the last month and are pledging to sign the Resolution that is part of that study. Jarrod and Whitney Goodman have chosen Father’s Day as the Sunday to dedicate their son Knox to the Lord.  Child dedications are really the public commitment of Christian parents to rely upon God for strength and wisdom to parent as well as seek the support of their church family in this great task of raising children.  You are invited to join with Jarrod & Whitney in the dedication of Knox.

Jesse Bradford update –

I was in to see Jesse at Heritage Hall Nursing Home earlier this week. Jesse has continued to decline since falling and breaking his hip to the point that at this time he is receiving Hospice Care.  Please pray for Jesse and his close friend Phyllis Young through this difficult time.

Bathroom Bill Petition –

Here is a link to this petition that seeks to keep public bathrooms specific to one biological gender.  We will have copies available at church this Sunday if you can’t do it online.  Click Here

There is a sadness we are all experiencing due to a number of different tragedies that have been in the news this week.  In times like this it is hard to know how to feel and respond.  When in doubt it is always the Christian thing to respond with love and prayerful dependence in God. May our faith be deepened through these days of sadness.  I hope you have a great weekend.  I look forward to seeing you this weekend.  I love you and love being your pastor –

In His Service with You – Pastor Andrew

June 9 Letter

Happy Thursday Church!

I hope you are having a blessed day!  Last night concluded the four week men’s and women’s Bible Studies we were doing on Wednesday nights.  I enjoyed the sharing and discussion of spiritual things as they relate to men in our study and Sue has relayed a similar sentiment to me about the time the women spent together.  I am always pleased when studies like this bring some new people into a Bible study, which these did.  The thing I like most about these studies is I learn so much by hearing others share what they are hearing from God.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching / leading but it is always a double blessing when others share like these last four weeks and teach me.

This Sunday at Zion

My message this week is from Luke 14:1-14 / “Good Old Sabbath Hospitality.” The idea of the Sabbath is much more than just taking a day of rest.  In addition to worship, the Sabbath is given by God to afford balance, strengthen relationships and provide the opportunity to heal from the various hurts of life. In this passage, Sabbath is in the context of hospitality – a meal Jesus shares with others.   Christian hospitality fits within the Sabbath because it creates an atmosphere where people become comfortable to allow God to work in their lives, bringing them to spiritual health. However, it is possible to become so concerned about the law of the Sabbath that we miss the spirit behind a Sabbath rest.  This is part five of the “Being Christian” Series.  There are five more messages in this series but we will take a break from the series until the end of July so we can give attention to Father’s Day, the teens report form camp and Independence Day.

Patriotic Song Night – Thursday, June 30th @ 7 pm

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend we sang America the Beautiful.  I don’t know about you but when I heard people singing that song it sent a shiver down my spine because I was reminded of the Christian heritage of our nation and I felt hopeful for the future.  Music has a way to touch the soul in a way that just words cannot do.  People need to feel Patriotism.  That is what this service is for – to help us know and feel what has made this country a uniquely blessed nation.  I hope you will plan to join us for this song night and invite a friend to come.  We are having this on Thursday so we don’t conflict with other churches Wednesday night services.  I will share more details of the service as it comes into place but for now be thinking of who you can invite.

I hope you have a great weekend!  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.  I love you and love being your pastor –

In His Service with You,

Pastor Andrew Matthews

June 2 Letter

Happy Thursday Church!

I hope you are having a blessed week!  Sue and I had a wonderful visit with our family over the weekend.  I’m amazed at what will interest a child.  When our granddaughters come to visit one thing they always want to do is go for rides on the lawn tractor.  I have a small wagon I haul behind the mower and it literally provides hours of entertainment for them.  As soon as we got home from church, with the girls still in their pink dresses they found their way into the back yard and climbed up on the tractor wanting to go for a ride.  Who needs Disney World when you have a John Deer?

This Sunday at Zion

This week we continue the sermon series “Being Christian in a World of Turmoil and Terror” with a message titled “The Patient Farmer” from Luke 13.  There are many factors that contribute to the production of fruit; soil cultivation, healthy seeds, sun, rain, pruning and fertilizers.   Included with all of those factors is the time required to produce fruit.  God is looking for fruit in our lives.  We can easily become impatient with other people in whom we fail to see an adequate production of fruit and question if they will ever produce fruit.  Jesus is patient with us, even interceding on our behalf to allow time for the fertilizer to do its work leading to fruit.  Aren’t you glad we have a patient farmer – savior in Jesus?  I know I am because he has been patient in my own life.

Graduate Recognition

High School Graduations are next week!  In our society the completion of High School is a rite of passage to becoming an adult.  As a church we want to recognize this important moment for the students as well as the families.  This Sunday we will celebrate with Tobi Troyer and his family the accomplishment of his High School Graduation.  Come this Sunday ready to offer words of congratulations and encouragement to Tobi as we celebrate his graduation with him.

10 Ways to Be An Exceptional Parent:  Check out this article I just read – click here.

I hope you have a great weekend. Sue and I have not been out on the Kayaks yet this year . . . if the forecast stays true for Saturday I think we will go for a paddle.  It’s one of our favorite thigs to do.  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.  I love you and love being your pastor.

In His Service with You,

Pastor Andrew